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Classic, Timeless, Energy Efficient

Do you need new window coverings for your home? Are you considering window shutters? Edmonton is just the right environment for shutters. Of all the different types of window coverings for Edmonton, shutters might be your best bet. Why are we so sold on shutters as your first choice in window coverings?

There are many benefits to choosing shutters as your window covering. Window shutters are a beautiful addition to the design of your home. They are considered permanent to the home and not an accessory. Below you can see our promotional video of window shutters which has a lot of likes and views thanks to the professional social media company The Marketing Heaven.

Benefits of Wood Shutters and Custom Shutters

Not only are shutters a classic and timeless window coverings they offer many other benefits as well.

  • Energy Efficiency: Whether you choose Graber classic shutters or Shade-O-Matic Polysatin Shutters, you will find that they are very energy efficient. Of all the available types of window coverings, shutters are the best insulator. Wood, composite, or polysatin shutters all hold better insulation numbers than more traditional types of insulation. Shutters provides just as good an insulation when placed inside the home as they can outside. This allows you to consider the beauty of various shutters as an accent piece as well as a functional one.
  • Wood shutters can provide up to 47% improvement in heat loss that will be directly seen in your heating bills. On the flip side, you will also see a reduction in the cost of central air conditioning. Wood shutters outperform aluminum, brick, steel and concrete as the primary thermal insulator. If your shutters are cedar they will have up to four times the insulation value of brick.
  • Complete Coverage: Shutters offer more complete coverage than any other type of Window Coverings in Edmonton climate. Coverage not only in terms of covering the window, but overall as a product. Some window blinds might let more light in or not let any light in at all. Shutters fit more tightly to your windows than any other type of window treatments.
  • Increase value of home: For all the reasons already mentioned, custom shutters will also increase the resale value of your home. The ability for shutters to add beauty to your decor, to match and complement any color or style inside and outside your home, to increase the insulation of your home eventually increases home’s resale value.

 Types of Shutters

Most of our discussion has been around wood shutters. Wood shutters are classic, beautiful, and natural in their beauty. But there are other types of shutters as well that offer the same benefits as wood. These include composite shutters and polysatin shutters.

  • Composite shutters provide increased durability and strength while maintaining the classic look and elegance of wood. This is the leading edge technology and design in the world of Edmonton window coverings.
  • Polysatin shutters offer the added benefits of durability when it comes to being resistant to heat, sunlight, and water. They will not crack, discolor, or warp. Moreover, polysatin shutters are the most affordable option compare to any other types of window shutters.

Style, classic design, energy efficiency, complete coverage, and increased home value are all benefits you will gain by adding shutters to your home. Need we say more? Get Shutters, and create a buzz among people that you’ve got it made in the shade!