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You can buy window coverings from many places, but why would you choose us? Our pricing and quality is unmatched to any other. Well, it’s quite simple! We know what we are talking about when it comes to Window Coverings. Due to this reason, we are one of the top-most Window Covering Dealers in the industry and that is the reason we were also featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Check out Pelit

Whether you are in the market for Blinds, Shades, Shutters, or even Draperies, just like David Letterman here is our TOP 5 LIST:

Quality: Every single product we sell is made of top-notch materials by the best and most experienced window covering companies in the world. We sell the best because our clients (you) deserve the best!

Price: We have all been in the market to buy one thing or another and we all know you get what you pay for! But, with us you will get an excellent quality product for a great price! No run off the mills, no bending cracking, no poor quality glues in the fabric, no mechanism issues.

Service: Every client we have gets a unique personalized service. And that is a promise. We always go out of our way in order to provide the best possible service we can provide and we back that up with our customer’s testimonials. We are soon starting to use online payment with the most innovative online video account verification for safe payments. Our customers will be grateful.

Perfect Fit: Every window coverings that you get from is going to be unique for every unique window and so we are recognized by the best home inspection in escondido. We measure every window with care so when the window coverings arrive they are the PERFECT FIT!

Warranty: We always provide Limited Lifetime Warranty for all our products. The reason for this is that we provide great quality products. If the products wouldn’t be the best quality we wouldn’t be able to provide you with the Limited Lifetime Warranty, unlike our competitors.

You may be able to buy blinds for few bucks at a local big box store and most time we can beat their price if you compare apples to apples. Price does not always equal to value. Not only we provide the highest quality products are lower price, but the service we provide is unmatched to those big box store service where the turnover rate is like a revolving door.

Now that we have provided our TOP 5 LIST. Let us double down on that by providing you a FREE In-Home Consultation! Call us NOW at 780-809-1932 or BOOK AN APPOINTMENT NOW!

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