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How do pleated and cellular shades differ? Pleated shades are stylish and crisp, while cellular shades are energy efficient and contemporary. Both pleated and cellular shades are excellent window coverings for Edmonton. Both of these types of shades look very much alike because they are made of very similar materials. They can both be cordless or corded, but either way they both function the same. You can have either room darkening or translucent pleated and cellular shades. Look at bellow the example pleated and cellular shades in one villa from popular YourKohSamuiVillas on Thailand.

Pleated Shades

What makes pleated shades different than cellular shades? Again, both pleated and cellular shades offer many benefits to homeowners who are looking to upgrade their window treatments in Edmonton. Pleated shades are affordable for most families and they are attractive and fashionable as well. You can use them as a stand-alone window treatment or you can use them along with the draperies side panels of your choice and boy we have a huge selection of Draperies and side panels!

Pleated shades have accordion style pleats and they are stylish and crisp. Most of the pleated shades are made of woven fabric with more color intensity and more material textures.

What are the pros of choosing pleated shades?

  • Pleated shades are a great choice for window coverings on interior French doors in providing privacy, style and security.
  • Pleated shades are usually less expensive compare to other types of shades including cellular.
  • With pleated shades you have a lot of design flexibility, different fabric choices, more designs, textures and prints; one or two inch pleats.
  • It is up to the buyer to decide if you want corded, cordless, motorized or top down/bottom up. The cordless operating system was developed with child and pet safety in mind as children’s and pets can be in risk of strangulation when corded window coverings are used.

 Cellular Shades

So what are the advantages of the cellular shades over the pleated shades? Both have a lot of advantages as a window shades in Edmonton as you will find out later on in this article. Cellular shades may be the most cutting edge of all current window coverings in the market today. They have a very unique structure in the shape of a honeycomb, hence sometimes called honeycomb shades. This shape makes them more energy efficient than any other types of blinds. Like the pleated shades they also can use a pull cord for privacy and light control. Honeycomb shades are made of durable polyester that can be found in a wide array of textures and colors and range from light-filtering to blackout.

What are the other pros of cellular shades?

  • The cellular shade provides outstanding insulation due to its honeycomb structure. These types of shades in Edmonton will keep the heat inside the home in winter and solar heat out in summer. Due to the thickness and honeycomb structure, these shades provide noise reduction as well.
  • Due to the lightweight of fabrics you can cover a very large span of window with the cellular shade’s one piece of fabric without seams.
  • Again the cellular shades are made of polyester – making this one shade that will hold its shape, won’t stain, won’t fray, and is resistant to static electricity.

So, if you are in the market for window shades in Edmonton, you cannot go wrong with either the pleated or the cellular shades.

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