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Child safety is non-negotiable.

Household danger isn’t always in plain sight like the sun when there are no clouds.

It uses Trojan-like tactics – disguising itself as something you totally like. It could be your microwave; your crystal clear patio glass door; those rare collectable coins that people think are so cool until they end up in a child’s stomach or even, I dare say it, window coverings.

Yes, I am dead serious, window coverings.

I don’t know where you live. You’ve probably never even heard of window coverings being a negative agent to child safety. You might not even have kids (toddlers) of your own. You might just have pets or neither.

Regardless, you need to read this.

Did you know?

According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), one child dies every month from strangulation due to loose or looped window covering cords.

That’s so sad, right?

The thing is traditional blinds tend to use cords that at some point become loose and tangle. We don’t see that as a big deal until something bad happens. To a child or a pet, their very curious mind and excited, yet misguided imagination, a dangling cord is like an adventure waiting to happen. They are incapable of seeing the dangers.

The fact is, injuries or even death by strangulation can happen by merely having corded blinds or shades installed in your home. Once accessible children will get entangled or willfully pull on reachable cords and possibly get hurt.

For that reason many companies have had to refine their window covering designs with child and pet safety in mind.

Making the right choice

You need to buy blinds with your children in mind, pets too. The question is what kind of blinds should you buy?

The answer is simple: the kind that won’t tangle or get loose and get in your little adventurer’s way – cordless.

You NEED to go cordless because:

  • First and foremost, it is safer – no wires that clutter or get loose and become trouble for anybody.
  • They have easy functionality – can be operated by simple handling (raising or lowering by hand), motor or a button an out of the reach of infants and toddlers.
  • Cordless window coverings look sleek and clean in your rooms – you can buy your blinds from Made in the Shade Blinds Edmonton and add lovely curtains to polish off the appearance.

Doing the right thing

I recommend cordless window coverings from ‘Made in the Shade Blinds Edmonton’. They totally help you get the enhanced safety your home needs. To handle the corded situation immediately here are some steps that you can take that Health Canada has listed.

Do a little digging and you’ll find, that our line of window coverings are top notch and industry respected when it comes to meeting safety requirements.

For example:

  • Edmonton Shutters (wood shutters and polysatin shutters) and shades are cool and classy yet cleverly engineered, eliminating cords by implementing simpler functionality – operation by hand, gear system, or motor. They give you great light control and protection from intense sunlight.
  • Edmonton Blinds (Hunter Douglas horizontal/vertical blinds) is also uniquely engineered to meet safety standard regulations. They are carefully crafted and use cordless mechanisms for easy function.

Any of those would be a great choice. They are made from high quality material from trusted brands like Hunter Douglas. Yes, I like those guys too. They won’t break or damage easily to injure your children or your pets. In fact, you can position them to be completely out of children’s reach.

What are you waiting for?

It is critical you do the right thing, because you won’t just be looking out for your kids. As a matter of fact you would be securing the safety of other kids that visit your home (family, friends, and neighbors).

Do not sit and wait for something bad to happen before you make the switch from cords. Go CORDLESS right away.
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